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When Claudina told me that her venue was on the 35th floor of the Petroleum Club in Houston, I was ecstatic! She didn’t even mention that they would have the most GORGEOUS dessert table I have ever laid eyes on, AND that there would be a live band playing all my favorite Salsa + Merengue songs.

There are so many little things that made this wedding so special… (like the fact that Claudina’s incredibly talented grandmother made her cathedral veil)

What stood out to me the most was the way that this wedding felt like my very own friends were getting married. I was crying as I listened to the sweet speeches given by their family members, and I’ll always remember Claudina’s mom constantly offering me food and fruit while the girls were getting ready—she actually made me pack some to-go before heading to the ceremony! x)

Claudina, Thank you for making this photographer’s wedding dreams come true and for always meeting me for coffee and crepes!


Cindy Janette

Petroleum Club of Houston Wedding-48.jpg


How did you guys meet? 

I saw him at his high school homecoming back in 2007 and thought he was really good looking so I kind of creeped on him and added him on myspace haha! We then started talking through myspace and finally met a couple of weeks later with our friends. We’ve been together ever since! 🥰

What is one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

When he said his vows to me. It’s like I took a mental picture of that moment because I can remember his expression so clearly. 

Any advise for other brides who are planning their wedding?

Don’t stress and enjoy the whole wedding planning process. Trust your vendors. Enjoy every second of your wedding day because it goes by way too fast!