I met Carol at her sister's Bridal Shower. Little did I know that this family would become SO important to me. 

You see, later that year we captured Belen's rehearsal dinner, wedding day, and her Christmas photos. Belen and I clicked almost instantly, because she LOVES photography as much as I do. It is so important to me that the people I do this for understand that this isn't just for fun. I LOVE it, and I see it as an incredible gift. Photography captures those special moments in our lives and allows us to relive them every time we see those photographs again. Belen UNDERSTANDS this. Her entire family knows this. IT'S. SO. AWESOME. 

At this point, I honestly feel like they are a second family to me. Having shared so many important days with them, and always having my camera in hand, I always feel at home. So, of course, when Belen asked me to capture Carol + Hernan's wedding day I jumped for joy!!

Seriously. ;)

We ACTUALLY had to board our plane to Colorado at 3PM and their appointment was for 12PM in Downtown Houston. Yup. We still said yes and made it work. Two of our closest friends drove us down to Houston, dropped us off at City Hall, and as soon as we were done taking photos we ran out the door and headed straight for the airport! Carol and Belen knew this and I just loved how even though they could have gone with any other photographer, they still chose us. For that, I will always be immensely thankful. 

Carol & Hernan, you guys have no idea how much that meant to me. Thank you soooo much! 



P.S. There's pictures! 

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